Valentines Jewelry Box


About this item:
– Personalized with any design of your choice
– Material: HIPS+ fannel
– Size: 20cm Long x 15cm Wide x 4.5cm Height
– Printing area: 16.2 x 11.2cm
– The Jewelry Box comes with sticker mirror and its safe for kids

  • JB10 JB10
  • JB11 JB11
  • JB12 JB12
  • JB15 JB15
  • JB2 JB2
  • JB5 JB5
  • JB6 JB6
  • JB7 JB7
  • JB8 JB8
  • JB9 JB9
  • V Jewelry box V Jewelry box

Additional information

V Jewelry Box Background

JB10, JB11, JB12, JB15, JB2, JB5, JB6, JB7, JB8, JB9, V Jewelry box

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